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Baotou has the most compelling waterscape shop!

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Just ten days ago, Baotou's most forceful aquarium store, No. 1 Waterscape Paradise, met with you all! ___________ This day is also the anniversary of the first anniversary of the founding of No. 1 Waterscape!
Just ten days ago, Baotou's most forceful aquarium store, No. 1 Waterscape Paradise, met with you all! ___________ This day is also the anniversary of the first anniversary of the founding of No. 1 Waterscape!
The new shop is decorated with paintings and calligraphy. Water droplets pierce stone, Huifeng and Changchang. It is also the quality that No. 1 Waterscape insists on and the feeling that it wants to bring to customers.
The owner officially contacted the waterscape for more than four years. When he first started to play with the waterscape, he didn't understand many things. Some questions were not clear. He always asked the shopkeeper perfunctorily, and he had to bear the losses himself. He took some detours.
Therefore, there is only one purpose of No. 1 Waterscape now, that is, to give every customer the understanding of the waterscape without reservation! Another principle is that all the products sold in No. 1 Waterscape should be replaced or not repaired within one year.
The shopkeeper said, "If there is any problem with the product within one year, we will replace it on the spot and bear the loss. This is my after-sales guarantee. I will never allow the loss of my product to pass on to the customers because of the quality problems. I will not allow my experience to let my customers encounter it."
"I hope everyone who likes the water scenery can enjoy the water scenery and not spend money or go the wrong way." It's the vision of the owner.
In order to bring a better viewing experience to the guests, the location of the cylinder block of the shop has been constantly designed and changed. Although the process is tedious, the style of the shop gradually highlights. A kind of
Preparations before opening include opening cylinders, of course. Shopkeepers especially like Nanfeng TM series and black pearls.
Dutch Landscape Architecture of Cylinder 1
Water and grass momentum is very strong south wind + Netherlands landscaping = water and grass state is perfect
Water and grass details
Bubble bed
Cylinder two
New Blue Dragon Stone
Water and grass details
The light above also has many signatures of Waterscape Cafe!
For Nanfeng, Tian Ge, the owner, said, "Now all the lamps in the store are Nanfeng TM series, besides our own lamps. The performance-price ratio of TM series lamps is really too high to meet my requirements for the state of water and grass. The effect of other lamps in Nanfeng must be very good!"
Present Cylinder Status_
When Nanxiao Mad first saw the picture decorated in the shop, he thought it could be used as a propaganda picture of the ideal life. Although it was a picture inside the shop, a few beautiful cylinders surrounded the sofa, the people working in the shop were very happy.
Children and His Exploration of Nature_
Material area
In the small cylinder area, there are also small sceneries made of sunken wood and terrestrial plants below.
No. 1 Waterscape is dedicated to providing a professional exchange platform for people interested in aquarium landscaping, so that more and more people can enjoy the beauty of aquarium landscaping. For example, to provide grass friends with a venue, a platform for aquatic and living exchange, and organize some grass friends'gatherings and exchanges.
Of course, the grass-roots friends in Baotou must come!
Its address is:
Bottom Shop No.1, Ximen, Baotou Paradise
Contact number: 18686119234