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How to save you? My hot-fried weeds?

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The latest weather has entered the "abnormal hot" mode.
Many people's reason is eroded by heat
Summer has become more and more powerful.
Such a temperature is not only uncomfortable
It is also the "dangerous period" of aquatic plants.
Water plants often show many abnormalities and even die in this season.
Today, Nanxiao Mad is from the point of view of light.
Share a little trick for you
Let your aquatic plants spend the summer safely
The latest weather has entered the "abnormal hot" mode.
Many people's reason is eroded by heat
Summer has become more and more powerful.
Such a temperature is not only uncomfortable
It is also the "dangerous period" of aquatic plants.
Water plants often show many abnormalities and even die in this season.
Today, Nanxiao Mad is from the point of view of light.
Share a little trick for you
Let your aquatic plants spend the summer safely


In hot weather, our general reaction is "good hot, lazy" water plants are the same principle, in order to meet the basic carbon demand, as long as reducing the metabolic rate of water plants, water plants can safely pass the dangerous period!

Many grass pals pursue strong light to plant water plants, so that water plants can achieve better color effect and performance status.
But when the environmental temperature rises, it deviates from the optimum growth temperature of common aquatic plants: 25 C, under high temperature and strong light, the physiological metabolism of aquatic plants will accelerate!
1. If CO2 and nutrients in the water are not enough, the water plants will soon game over.
2. If the temperature rises further, the activity of enzymes in aquatic plants will increase first and then decrease, and then game over.
So, do you understand? The reason for the imbalance of high temperature of aquatic plants is that the external parameters do not conform to the growth of aquatic plants. And this parameter is what we often call light, water temperature, CO2 and fertilizer.
Because water plants have different requirements for different external parameters: light > water temperature > CO2 > fertilizer
Therefore, when the temperature is not very hot (less than 32 C, because beyond this temperature, water plants will have a variety of adverse reactions), appropriate adjustment of light intensity can reduce the metabolic rate of water plants, thereby avoiding the harmful effects of high temperature caused by water plants.

So at this time, you need a south wind lamp. Why? Next we will take two of them as examples to illustrate.


Nanfeng TM Series Lamps


Nanfeng TM series is a popular water grass lamps. TM series four-tube lamps are controlled by two switches. Each switch controls two tubes. When we need to reduce the light, we can turn off one of them. And the "1, 3/2, 4" control mode makes the light intensity weaken, while not affecting the light exposure range, each position in the cylinder can still be fully irradiated.

South Wind TT Series


Recently, we have published several articles about South Wind TT. As a bracket lamp, Nanfeng TT lamp is very flexible, it can be installed in one cylinder, the lamp board can be turned over and so on, so more and more players choose to use this lamp. The most important thing for this article is that the South Wind TT series can be stepless dimming. With the finger moving on the light control switch, the light intensity will gradually change, and it is very handy to use.
Of course, because each south wind lamp can be adjusted for light intensity, so you can choose according to your own needs. After adjusting to the most suitable illumination conditions, fertilizer concentration and CO2 concentration are lowered, one ring and one ring, which is OK.

We recommend an adjustment package:


Care reduced to about 0.4W-0.6W a liter
Appropriate enhancement of carbon dioxide
Reducing Fertilizer Application (Slowing down the Growth Rate of Water Grass)
Cooperate with fan to control water temperature within 30 C



In this way, as we said before, the problem of shrunken water plants will gradually improve as soon as they are hot, and then gradually enter a better situation. Do you have any better suggestions? Tell us in the message area.~