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A1 SERIES of high-brightness bracket lamps

The main specifications and parameters of LED allocation products have the characteristics of flipping flanks up and down. Therearetwowingsinthe fixtureand usercan fold the wingswhenthefixtureisworking The parameters of fixtureBeads Configuration. Aquatic grass edition and seawater edition are two-in-one. A1 series lamps and lanterns are suitable for aquaculture in aquariums or aquariums. Therearelightsourcesof aquatic and marine in the fixture supports IOS and Android mobile systems, download and use APP for free. Supporting IOSand Androidapps Downloading to use APP Free of charge

CLX SERIES LED bracket lamp

The lamp body of Nanfeng CLX series LED bracket lamp is made of aluminium alloy and PC material. The surface is treated by electrostatic anodic oxidation, which greatly improves its corrosion resistance and wear resistance. CLX series uses internationally renowned brand beads: CREE, OSRAM, EDISON, etc. 7 kinds of color beads, 7 channels of independent high-light function, make it a variable full-spectrum output effect. Intelligent temperature control system is built in the product, and efficient silent cooling fan is used. Built-in WIFI control function, linkage function. Support IOS and Android mobile system, free download using APP. The fixtureismade of aluminumalloy and PCmaterials. In the urface of the fixture, we use the technology of stationary coxidationtomakeit. ThereareCREE, OSRAM and EDISO Nand7 differential kindsofcolor in the fixture. Andpeoplecanindependently control leachcolor. Whether emperature ereach45degreethattheswitchon. SupportIOSandroid systems. [Support IOS and Android systems] All, free download using APP. Supporting IOSand Androidapps Downloading to use APP Free of charge

TS LED SERIES Microcomputer Intelligent Control of LED Lamps

1:A group lights, 2:daylight mode, 3:B group lights, 4:rotary button configurator built-in daylight mode, manual mode, automatic mode, moonlight mode, Aurora mode aquarium lighting effect Aquatic aquarium lighting effect Marine 1:LightA/2:Sunset and sunrisemode 3:LightB/4:Rotating the knob Theresunstable sunrise, manual mode, automation mode, Moonlight effect Modeandauroramodein the fixture. High-power chip beads and COB module heat dissipation is more reasonable, more uniform light output, simple and convenient installation. Fashionable appearance: Elegant and portable aluminum alloy material, electrophoretic black appearance, ultra-thin lamp body, lamp body thickness is only 26mm COBled module Good for heatdissipation Lightsourceissof Easy to install The appearances is a ractive and fashion minium material and electrophoresis of this fixture is 26mm.

TY Series LED Intelligent Waterproof Lamps

The lamp bracket is a retractable design. The edge of the lamp body is designed with a guide groove of a sliding bracket. The stainless steel bracket can be loaded into the guide groove from outside to inside, and the span of the bracket can be adjusted within a certain range as needed. Daylightmode/Automaticmode/Manualmode/Thesettings of the presentation time. System time setting/manual mode/automatic mode/sunshine mode can set the brightness of lamps and switch the time of lamps. The footstandoffixtureisflexible, usercanad justly the English way of the footstandwith inspected distance optionally. Aquatic cultivation soectrogram Marinecultivated dspectrogram


Nanfeng TT series LED high-brightness bracket lamp | light touch switch, easy to operate | external touch-type stepless dimmer | all aluminium alloy profile, surface using a new electrostatic spraying process | high reflectivity vacuum plating reflector cup | configuration of high-performance external power supply | Lightlytouch switching and asy to use the fixture | with external control system dimming | Aluminium, oxidization and electrophoresis | Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Ghquality'selectroplate reflector | With high quality external power TT series LED high-brightness bracket lamp, divided into two series: water and grass special and seawater special. Use the brand's consistent style of endless dimming. And AB two groups of light sources can be controlled independently. In appearance, TT can be said to be very fashionable, matte black face prominent atmosphere, back X-bracket is full of technology. The middle line of the lamp is covered with blue decorative strips representing the ocean. On the left side of the decorative strip is the control button of the lamp. The design is very simple. TT series of beads are LED beads, TT-1 has 21 beads, and TT-2 has twice as many beads as TT-1. Such bead ratio can be said to meet the needs of coral. TT series ledlighting, there are aquatic and marine. The fixture hassteplessdimmingandusercancontrol "LightA" or "LightB" switchseparately. Itsappearances is fashionable and thin. One theleftoffixtureisswitch, the design of fixtureissimple. ThereareTT-1 and TT-2 fortnight, TT-1 21 pcdsandTT-2 42 pcsleds. The light source has been cultivated.

TD SERIES of high-brightness bracket lamps

Aquatic and Herb Configuration Spectrogram Seawater Configuration Spectrogram

TF Series LED bracket lamp

Water allocation spectrogram Marineltedspectrogram This series of LED lamps are novel and ingenious in design, simple in structure. They can be basically divided into three parts: lamp body, clamp arm and clamp seat. The lamp body is the main component of the lamp, including lamp board, radiator, etc., and the clamp arm is the connecting lamp body. The component with lamp holder is used to adjust the height and illumination angle of the lamp. The clamp holder is a fixed component of the lamp body. The clamp arm is equipped with a contact type non-polar adjusting light switch. The brightness of the lamp can be adjusted arbitrarily by only touching lightly. The adjusting range is 1%-100%. It also has power-off memory function. At the same time, it is equipped with high brightness LED lamp and high-quality power supply. Please use it when installing and using. What object covers the lamp body and power supply to avoid damaging the lamp due to the influence of heat dissipation. TF series lamps are single-purpose or original lamps, which are used to fix body, scaffold and bracket. The lamp body is part of the fixture and the two-color lamp board and radiator, and soon... This is a very good lamp body. Used to adjust correctness. There is a control button to lightly adjust the correctness of the lamp. The range of regulation is 1%-100%. It has memory function. Install the quality of the LED and the power supply in the fixture within the specified time.

CK SERIES of professional ultra-thin intelligent lamps and lanterns

Wireless WIFI Intelligent Control is only 3.26CM Professional Ultra-thin T5HO Lamp Disk Wireless WIFI Intelligent Control Mobile Phone One Key Adjustment Touch Switch Manipulation and Wireless WIFI Manipulation Diversification With 14 Reflective Surfaces "Big Seagull" Reflector Panel Configuration New Generation "Light Element" Professional Waterscape T5HO Lamp Disk Latest Research and Development "Light Element" More superior than the previous T5HO Lamp Tube to completely meet the red or green water grass system. Growth demand

TM T5HO SERIES of high-brightness bracket lamps

Nanfeng TM series high-brightness bracket lamp is a comprehensive upgrade of the appearance of aquarium lamps. The lamp body adopts the built-in ballast scheme and is designed with the concept of ultra-thin. Light and fashionable appearance, not occupying too much volume, complements each other with the aquarium, perfectly presents the beauty of the cylinder. The lamp uses a mirror reflective film which consists of two lamp tubes. This design can make the lamp be used efficiently and illuminated evenly on the object under illumination. Through technological improvement and innovation, the greater use of energy is realized, and energy-saving effect is achieved. Uniform light will not form a dark shadow, and the effect of water landscape appreciation will be upgraded again! This series of lamps are equipped with four high power T5HO aquarium lamps. T5HO is the abbreviation of "T5HighOutput", that is, high-function output T5 fluorescent lamp. Under the same size, it can output more light energy and supply more energy than ordinary T5 lamp tube. In addition, this series of lamps can be divided into four sizes and specifications, and can be used in aquariums with length of 60CM, 90CM, 120CM and 150CM. Multi-specification design, perfectly meet the needs of different sizes of cylinder block. The appearances of TM series is comprehensively upgraded for aquarium lighting. U sings the cheme of build-in ballast, accordingtoouroriginaldesignstyle, the appearance of lampsisthinandlight. The lampsdonotoccuperation toomucheand user-friendly. TM series lampsusetwatches reflector, ample light wholesale lighting and design of all kinds of places Bythet echnology linnovation, we make use of the conceptof power saving. Symmetric ALLUMINATION can be achieved by integrating lanterns and letters hemgrowuphealthy. Itupgraded the effect of waterscape gain. TMseries hastened the T5HOaquarium specialized tubular power of fourtubes. T5HOistheshortform of "T5hOutput". Itishh-output T5HOisthefluorescent tube. T5HOisthehighway tubular luminance. In addition, the ampshasfourdimension and the yaresuitable ortheaquarium tanks of 60CM, 90CM, 120CM and 150CM. Design with everlasting specifications whichmeets the enemy of differenttank'ssize.
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